Rigidella flammeau

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Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:44:27 PDT
According to Thad Howard in his book, Bulbs for Warm Climates, Rigidella is  
a genus of bulbs from Mexico and Guatemala and are allied to Tigridia and can 
be  hybridized with T. pavonia.  The flowers either open in the morning or  
afternoon, closing at night.  They are hummingbird pollinated, and thrive  in 
cultivation in zones 8-10 if summers are cool.  They also do well in  zones 5-7 
if dug and stored in winter.  They do not do well where summers  are hot and 
R. flammea grows on cliffs and ledges in the state of Michoacan in  Mexico.  
It's a robust species with flowers opening in the afternoon and  closing at 
sunset.  Flowers are scarlet with the interior spotted purplish  against a 
yellow background.  Leaves appear after flowering.  It is a  high-elevation plant 
that needs cool alpine conditions.
Hope this helps.
Marilyn Pekasky

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