Lycoris wiki picture

James Waddick
Wed, 30 Jun 2004 09:20:19 PDT
>Bill Dijk has added text to the Lycoris pictures that he posted some 
>time ago. He has tentatively identified one of the species with a 
>lost tag. Would someone (Jim Waddick, Kelly I., or another who knows 
>this genus) check his picture for confirmation.

Dear Bill and all;
	The picture listed as Lycoris sp is surely L. radiata and 
probably L. r. pumila. It is smaller in all ways than the more common 
L. radiata radiata and more important is fertile and produces viable 

	I recall some comment on Bill's L. longituba. And some 
doubts. The picture could be L. longituba which is highly variable. 
Although most people see the typical longituba, the yellow variant 
(ssp flava) has numerous inter-grades from pure white to various 
shades of palest yellow a nice primrose yellow. This looks like one 
of those inbetweeners. It is highly fertile and produces a range of 

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