Lilium candidum

Judy Glattstein
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 03:54:53 PDT
Last year I bought 20 Lilium candidum bulbs wholesale out of Holland. I
planted them in groups of 5 here and there around the garden. Some are in
more sun, others in more shade. Since I had a bag of crushed oyster shell
from the local feed and grain store on hand (it is a supplement to give
chicken eggs strong shells) I dug some into the soil, both for drainage and
to raise the pH.

Winter was cold this year, so I allowed oak leaves that blew in and drifted
over them to remain in two of the sites.

They all came up, all are budded, and I'm still waiting for the flowers to
open. This has been a rather wet spring and early summer, but so far (touch
wood) no sign of botrytis.

I have been doing my usual periodic scattering of Milorganite (a granular
processed sewerage sludge sold as a fertilizer) as a deer repellant.

Lilium martagon 'Album' flowered very nicely. L. martagon itself is still in

And the weeds this year, with cool wet weather and a busy schedule on my
part, are phenomenal - big enough to enter in the county fair. Impatiens
capensis is not really a problem - no matter how big it gets it is easily
yanked out and rots down to nothing. Does anyone else have a "favorite"

Judy in New Jersey where we're segueing between humid summer heat and
coolish spring-like weather, both with rain.

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