Oxalis Check List

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 15 Jun 2004 07:33:54 PDT
Dear All,

I have just received Edition 2 of the Oxalis checklist of species with some 
descriptions & cultural notes compiled by Richard Clifton of the 
Geraniaceae Group (May 2004). I haven't had a chance to compare it with the 
previous version, but it is 142 pages versus 119. From his notes on the 
first page: "Errors are mine, unless specifically assigned, Issue Two has 
more descriptions and removes spelling & some other errors I made in Issue 
1; Leeane Dreyer now working with a team of students on the S. African 
bulbous species has not produced her Revision at 1Dec03 but promises to 
reduce the species to about 150 which would 'fit' with calculations due to 
the expected number of synonyms usual in a genus."

Although Clifton would not want anyone to attempt to i.d. a plant from his 
checklist, it does provide so much more information than is usually 
available, tells the status (species, synonym, invalid name, etc.), 
includes the specifics about the name (who, where, when), often has 
information about the ecology, habitat (country, sometimes where in the 
country and when it blooms), sometimes a description of as much information 
as he could find, occasionally where you can find an illustration, and 
finally occasionally remarks. This is a meticulous gathering together of 
information. But also the writer's strong opinions and experience if he has 
had it are interspersed throughout.

Mary Sue

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