Pre-emergent weed control

chuck Schwartz
Tue, 01 Jun 2004 19:23:34 PDT
I just found out the active ingredient in Preen is trifluralin, also known
as treflan. This will cause no damage to bulbs, but is mainly active against
grassy weeds. Keep it off your cement because it stains. Amaze is a combo of
treflan and balan, two very similar products, so whichever is more
convenient is my choice. The dinitroanilines ( the class of pesticide these
are) are fairly long lasting, so only one application per year would suffice
in PA. The only time i've had trouble with treflan is when quantities in the
soil built up (since it breaks down so slowly) and the desired plants looked
virus stricken. chuck Schwartz
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> Does anyone out there have experience with using a pre-emergent (Preen is
> the only one I know of) on bulb beds. I realize that I would lose
> self-seedings of galanthus, crocus, eranthis etc. but the weeds have
> gotten out of control.
> Any help appreciated,
> Dell
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