Harold Koopowitz hkoopowi@uci.edu
Tue, 01 Jun 2004 10:45:44 PDT
Welcome Debra:
I envy your climate for tuberous Begonias, here in southern California and 
inland they are pretty touchy.
At 01:28 PM 5/31/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>Since I am new I thought that I would introduce myself.  After reading some
>of the digests I feel a little in over my head, but hope that you will
>welcome a neophyte.
>I live just north of Seattle, zone 8.  My special interests include
>tuberous begonias and hippeastrum.  I also have one iris in bloom out front
>that someone gave me what I think is a wild Pacific coast iris.  I just
>love it.  It's like a pure flower without all of the heavy hybridizing.  Of
>course I love the big showy flowers on my tuberous begonias and don't get
>me started on the hippeastrum!
>I really enjoy propagation and seed starting.  I also have quite a number
>of fuchsia including many hardies.
>Thank you,
>Debra Burgess
>Lake Stevens, WA
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