Pancratium TOW

Robert Hamilton
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 21:30:16 PST
Dear  Pascal,

Thanks  for the  introduction to  Pancratium a  genus  I am hoping  to  
  grow  more.

I  also  want  to  say  how  much I  enjoy  your Amaryllidiacea  web  
site  and  would  commend  it  to  all who  are interested in this  

Now  here is  a tip  for  those (such as I)  whose  French is  limited  
to that  learned as a  schoolboy.  If you do a  google  search  for the 
  genus  of interest, then  scroll  through until you  find   Pascal's  
site, you can  then  ask  google  to translate  to  English.

The  valuable  cultural information  is  then  available.


Rob  in Tasmania

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