Sad news

Dell Sherk
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 03:47:40 PST
The following message appeared on Alpine-L this morning.

Date:    Tue, 23 Mar 2004 09:36:27 -0500
From:    Harry Dewey <hdewey@PRIMUSHOST.COM>
Subject: In Memoriam: Jack Elliott

Alpine-L's beloved Jack Elliott has died.  Through his books, lectures,
magazine articles, and countless personal friendships and contacts, he
educated and befriended a vast number of gardeners who, in turn, are
busily engaged in passing along to others the knowledge gained from Jack.

One of the greatest surprises and honors I have ever received was a
telephone call from Jack, just hours before he was to undergo the
surgery that was an unexpected and tragic failure in November 2000.  He
apologized for what he believed was his upcoming temporary absence from
  his many friends on Alpine-L, and promised to continue his love affair
with Alpine-Lves as soon as his recovery would permit.   Alas, that was
not to be.  If ever the phrase "Thus passes the glory of the world" was
appropriate, it is now.

Alpine hearts go out to Jack's family.

When more details of Jack's death and its aftermath are known, it will
be appropriate to post them here.

Thank you, Jack, for caring about us.  We certainly cared about you.  We
mourn your death while we celebrate your life.

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