Orange Bulbs

Alberto Castillo
Wed, 24 Mar 2004 04:32:57 PST
>Alberto, unlike many members of this list, I'm on the east coast of North
>America. We get sun and warmth in abundance - in fact, bring up this topic
>in about two months and I would probably say in superabundance. We
>sometimes go for weeks on end without the daytime temperature dropping
>below 90 degrees F. - and it does not cool off significantly at night.
>Those plants got plenty of sun and warmth. Did I cook them? Saute them?
>Bake them? Broil them? OH, wait, I know, I steamed them!"

Hi Jim:
         All of that but in the opposite season!! The three Chasmanthes are 
all winter growers and even here they need a spot protected from the south 
(cold) during the growth seson to flower reliably. When planted in exposed 
positions the foliage turns a sickly looking shade of apple green and do not 
flower. Apparently low temperatures kill the flower bud in the corm. As for 
Mary Sue's  "wild" plants the corms may be very deep in the ground, enough 
to protect the buds from becoming frozen.
         As for form duckitii, it is not very common and the South African 
dealers happily replace it with the orange form corms so you are never sure 
of what you receive until they flower.

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