Velthemia Seeds

don journet
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 04:37:05 PST
Dear Arlen Jose,
                         Since you seem to be curious about the progress of your
seed you may like to know that I have had complete success simply placing the
Veltheimia seed on wet paper towel in a take away container. I achieved a 100%
success rate just standing them on the kitchen bench.

Don Journet

arlen jose wrote:

> Greetings from Snowy & Cold Boston,
> I have just ordered some Velthemia seeds from the PBX 57 and I was wondering
> what the preferred or best way to start them indoors.
> I have some Cyrtanthus seeds from a previous order that were placed on a
> very gritty peat/extra fine bark mixture and was covered with coarse sand
> about 1/4" or about 3mm. Now, being the nosy impatient person that I am, of
> course I had to delicately scrape the sand back to see if any of the seeds
> had sprouted and to my complete delight...they did!!!
> I was wondering if this technique (less the digging around) will work for
> Velthemia seeds. Please let me know.
> Very Warm Regards,
> Fred Biasella
> Cambridge (Boston) MA
> USDA Zone 6B
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