Orange Flowered Bulb Question

linda wallpe
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 00:27:49 PST
Jim W -

If it was an older variety, my guess would be 'Redhill'.  Tall, large
bloom with white petals, orange cup and some yellow staining onto the
perianth.  It can be quite impressive when well grown.

For those looking for a white / orange combination there is another
unsual flower that is frequently a winner at ADS shows, 'Conestoga'. 
White petals that flare backwards slightly and a bright, bright orange
flattened cup.

Another newer, unusual flower is offered in the Grant Mitsch catalogue,
'Iroquois'.  It has yellow petals and an orange cup but what sets both
off is a white ring at the junction of the petals and cup.  Outstanding.

Linda Wallpe
Cincinnati  Zone 6a

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