Favorite Orange Flowered Bulbs--TOW

linda wallpe lwallpe@juno.com
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 00:19:44 PST
Hello All -

All 5 of my choices would be daffodils.  There are quite a few available
now that have both orange perianths and coronas.   They glow in the
garden and bring people at a trot across a show tent.  Brian Duncan of N.
Ireland can be credited with hybridizing the majority of them.  And while
the RHS color codes some of the cups as R (red), it's orange.  

1.  'Bailey'  2 O-O
2.  'Creag Dubh'  2 O-R
3.  'Cosmic Dance'  2 O-R
4.  'Bandesara'  3 O-R
5.  'Bossa Nova'  3 O-R

My honorable mentions are 'Ambergate' and 'Red Hot'.  Both are older and
don't have the substance of the newer varieties but they bloom earlier
and are welcome sights.

Linda Wallpe
Cincinnati Z6a, ready for spring but with only one daffodil stem in bloom
and snow on the ground.

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