Recent Images on the Wiki #1

Christine Council
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 20:06:18 PST
Mary Sue,
Please keep up the good work, for those of us who are new to the "plant and
flower game"
you are a wonderful help.  I am more interested than ever in all of the
wonderful plants
because of the pictures.  Some of us, namely yours truly, need these
pictures to identify
what we  may or may not have. I love wild flowers and it is nice to know
that I can get help
to identify or grow some of these beautiful plants.
Thanks again,

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> From: Mary Sue Ittner <>
> To: Pacific Bulb Society <>
> Date: 3/30/2004 11:57:15 PM
> Subject: [pbs] Recent Images on the Wiki #1
> Dear All,
> Judging from the nice notes I received privately and the ones on the list 
> there are a number of you who really do want to know when new photos are 
> added to the wiki. So I will be catching everyone up on some of the ones 
> that have been added in the last few weeks. So as not to overwhelm you
> announce a few every day. I'll probably miss some of them as once I've 
> moved the files into folders it is harder for me to find the new ones. So 
> here is the first batch:
> Uli added some more photos of his Canarina canariensis
> Jane has added a picture of Anemone palmata.
> We have created a new wiki page for this genus and her photo needs some 
> company.
> Jane also added a picture of Hyacinthella dalmatica so a new genus page
> created for that as well. It is definitely a cutie but needs some company 
> on that page.
> More tomorrow.
> Mary Sue
> PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)
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