Clivia miniata germination

Robert Hamilton
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 14:59:37 PST
Hi Arnold  and  others,

Being a  busy  person I  go  for  simplicity  and  have   2  basic  

1 part  commercial potting mix  to  1 part coarse  sand  which is  what 
  I use  for   germinating most South African  amaryllids   including  

My other  mix is   2 : 1  of the  above  which  I use  for  summer  
growing bulbs  and generally  less fussy  genera , because it is  
slower to  dry out .

If  I  fertilize it is  long after  germination and  usually with 
something  soluble on a  very  irregular  timetable.

I  add  dolomite  for  some  genera  such  as   juno iris  and   arum.


Rob in  Tasmania

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