Clivia miniata germination

Hamish Sloan
Wed, 17 Mar 2004 14:00:59 PST

Equal parts of the following:-

Garden soil, sifted quarter inch (my soil is an acid, fine alluvial clay
with almost no sand component);
Leaf mould, at least two years old, sifted quarter inch (OR peat if leaf
mould not available);
Sharp sand,
Grit, 3 to 6 mm,
Vermiculite, coarse, builders' merchant supplied.
(A two gallon bucket of each of these gives me about two bushels of compost.
A bushel is the volume of a box with internal dimensions of 10 inches by 10
inches by 22 inches)

Add Hoof and Horn, Sulphate of potash, Bonemeal to John Innes 3 level,
Add twice the quantity of slaked lime (ground limestone is too expensive!!)
recommended for John Innes compost. This is to allow additional lime for the
acid soil.
Add recommended proportion of rare element frit.
Add small amount Supergel (or Swellgel). This is a water retaining polymer,
poly-N-acrylamide, which has appeared over here in the last three years.
Much used in hanging baskets and such. About 25 gm per bushel.
Throw in a small  handful of iron filings.

Sounds complicated writing it all down. I have a small plastic container
which I have calibrated for the addition of fertilisers etc. so that I do
not have to keep on weighing things out.

After some of the recent comments about bonemeal on this list, you may
prefer to use superphosphate, in the same proportion would be about right,
but it is acid also from the residual sulphuric acid used min its
manufacture, so the extra lime will definitely be needed. (Bonemeal here is
sterilised and I'm too old to worry about what I might catch from it!!)

I have recently found a good source of Perlite at a cheaper price than the
Vermiculite that I have used for the past several years. I shall change to
use of medium grade Perlite in the same proportions as above instead of the

Regards Hamish

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> Hamish;
> Could you elaborate on the compost that you use for growing the
> clivias.  There are so many choices out there.  I just picked up some
> coir and plan to use it when I repot.
> thanks,
> Arnold
> New Jersey
> Five inches of snow on my C. szovitsii and C. kesselringii
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