TOW - Fabulous Foliage

Fri, 28 May 2004 09:16:47 PDT
not having a garden, it's difficult for me to talk
about so many plants that i have not personally grown.
 but in terms of plants grown for foliage, one could

Sinningia - various sinningias have beautiful foliage.
 S. leucotricha as most of you know have silvery hairy
leaves that turn greener and less dense as the
stem/leaves grow, but in its incipient stages, it
feels and looks like soft wool.  others  with soft,
lanuginous leaves include: globulosa ("lanata"),
piresiana, hatschbachii.

Smithiantha, Kohleria, Achimenes - rhizomatous members
of the Gesneriaceae, many have beautifully felted
leaves with various types of markings and stripes in
leaves, in addition to the attractive flowers.  

Asarum - are these considered bulbs/bulb-like?  i
haven't grown these "wild gingers" but i've seen many
that have gorgeous leaves.

Tricyrtis - aren't some grown for foliage?

Trillium - same as above.

Cornukaempferia, Kaempferia - these true gingers are
sometimes called peacock gingers for their beautiful

Arisaema, Calladium, Alocasia, Colocasia, Xanthosoma,
and various other aroids, as it has been mentioned.

Massonia - very strange two-leaved Amaryllid.  some
species have "corrugated" leaves.

Rauhia - the leaves are so huge and succulent that
they are a conversation piece in themselves.

tsuh yang

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