TOW bulbs with good foliage
Fri, 28 May 2004 14:46:53 PDT
Dear All

There are three favourite plants of mine that have very beautiful foliage.

Sinningia speciosa 'Regina' Is a naturally occuring variant of Sinningia 
speciosa and has dark green velvety leaves with white veins. It forms a fairly 
large regular rosette and in summer will flower  with purply foxglove like 
flowers well above the foliage but is extremely ornamental just as a foliage 
plant. It has a short dormancy in winter and forms a big potato like tuber. It 
looks very noble and I find it aptly named.
Many other gesneriads have beautiful foliage like Rechsteineria leucotricha 
with striking pure silver white leaves and many Kohlerias often totally covered 
in reddish or brownish hairs.

Dahlia imperialis, unfortunately always a foliage plant here in Germany because 
it is a short day bloomer and will be cut down by  frost before it flowers. 
(apparently there is a summer flowering form in cultivation in Argentina but I 
did not manage to get hold of it) But WHAT foliage! It forms a thick bamboo 
like trunk many metres tall and has very large bi- or tripinnate leaves. It is 
an excellent background plant in a tropical border or in a (very large) 
container. It grows with a frightening pace when will watered and fed. It is a 
spectacular plant in bloom in frost free gardens.

Zantedeschia aethiopica. Since childhood I love this plant! There are so many 
forms: some have leaves that are very green, others have a greyish or bluish 
tinge some leaves are bigger and some slender and very arrow-shaped. Some 
plants are dwarfer and some really big. There is a var. gigantea. The puristic 
flower is very beautiful, too but especially the emerging foliage after summer 
dormancy is most beautiful in its lushness.

greetings from a long and very cold spring in Germany, Uli

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