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Claude Sweet
Sun, 30 May 2004 08:08:53 PDT

Please send the following:

From Paul Tyerman (photos of some of these are available on the PBS wiki):

4. Seed of Amaryllis belladonna - hot pink multiflora variety.  This is a
stunning bright pink multiflora style of belladonna with up to 25 flowers per scape,
arranged in a full circle rather than uni-directional like the straight
species.  Bulbs get to be nearly the size of a football with mutiple
stems per bulb. 

7. Seed of Haemanthus coccineus - This is a mixture of seed from around 9
different seed parents. They're summer dormant, flowering just prior
to the emergence of their single pair of broad flat leaves.  Very slow to
multiply so seed really is the best option to build up a collection of
them.  Usually takes around 6 years to flowering but can be a little

From Tom Glavich: Seed of

8. Albuca batteriana - a great large Albuca, flowers from late January
through March, clumps.  I wouldn't be without this in my garden.  White and
green flowers.

10. Tritonopsis caffra - spectacular bright red flowers, and great wrinkled
seed pods!

Bulbs and Bulblets

11. Bellevalia pycnantha
12. Muscari armeniacum 'Blue Spike'
13. Muscari armeniacum 'Cantab'
14. Muscari armeniacum 'Christmas Pearl'
15. Muscari aucheri 'Blue Magic'
16. Muscari comosum 'Plumosum'
17. Muscari latifolium
18. Muscari neglectum
19. Sparaxis bulbifera
20. Watsonia coccinea
21. Watsonia laccata
22. Watsonia pillansii

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