Hippeastrum calyptratum

Nolo Contendre miaam@ars-grin.gov
Sun, 30 May 2004 06:04:34 PDT

Bat pollination was observed on H. calyptratum in Brazil.  This was
unfortunately never published.

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> Dear All,
> There are two flowers open for the first time on my plant of Hippeastrum
> calyptratum. The flowers are totally green without any red or other colour
> emit a very strong strange not to say offensive smell. I wonder how they
> pollinated being so green and growing epiphytically amongst a lot of
> Must be the smell that attracts the pollinator, perhaps bats? Does anybody
> know?
> I suspect that my plant will be self sterile. will it make sense to send
> to the BX? How should I sent it? perhaps on cotton swabs? How else? Is
> anybody interested in pollen at all before I go into the trouble of
packing and
> sending it?
> greetings, Uli
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