Pre-emergent weed control

Cynthia Mueller
Sun, 30 May 2004 05:51:53 PDT
Dell....I've never been brave enough to use pre-emergent weedkiller on
bulb beds - just Ortho grass-b-gone to "wilt" away grassy weeds. 
Foolishly I let a small leaved tradescantia relative get started around
some of my bulbs.  It lies flat when it begins growth, but after the
plants build up they rise into the air six or eight inches high and
choke out many things.  Possibly the only solution here is to dig the
bulbs, take out all traces of tradescantia and screen the soil that goes
back into the bed.  Sigh - sounds like work...

Cynthia Mueller
PS your latest seed exchange is really spectacular.

>>> 5/30/04 6:36:08 AM >>>
Does anyone out there have experience with using a pre-emergent (Preen
the only one I know of) on bulb beds. I realize that I would lose
self-seedings of galanthus, crocus, eranthis etc. but the weeds have
gotten out of control.

Any help appreciated,

Dell Sherk, SE PA US Zone 6. Amaryllids, South Americans, Cyrtanthus,
bulbs, cactus and succulents, and, after a lapse, gesneriads.

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