Why wont my seedlings return ?

Robert Hamilton roberth6@mac.com
Wed, 24 Nov 2004 02:22:19 PST
Hi  Mary  Sue  and  Doug,

>  Which things have not come back and is it a question of their just 
> not coming up (my ongoing experience with Ornithogalum dubium) or not 
> being there the next year?

Its  the  problem  of them  not  coming up  -  in each  case  there are 
bulbs  present  which  havent produced  leaves , in some  cases  quite  
a nice  size.

The  species    germinated  in  2003  which  havent  returned this  
year  are Brunsvigias namaquana (sigh!!)  , litoralis  and  striata  
(both as  striata and as  minor) , Haemanthus barkerae  and sanguineus 
, Hessea breviflora  and pilosula  and Strumaria watermeyeri. These  
all  still have  small bulbs  with active  roots.  There  are also   
several  more  Hessea  and  Strumaria which I  havent  looked at  as  
yet .

I  also  repotted  an  overcrowded  seedling  pot  of Albuca 
namaquensis  last  summer , which  had  20  or  so  nice  bulbs  and  
these  have  sulked  through  winter  /  spring.



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