embryo rescue?

piaba piabinha@yahoo.com
Wed, 24 Nov 2004 13:36:05 PST
what the heck is an embryo rescue?

i have read before that people have crossed turkeys
with chickens.  that sounds like a pretty wide cross
to me.  not sure if that's true, and i have never seen
or heard of such mixed offspring.

tsuh yang

--- "J.E. Shields" <jshields@indy.net> wrote:

> Hi Dave and all,
> According to Alan Meerow's DNA studies, the Nerines
> are embedded in the 
> ancient African clade while Lycoris are part of the
> Eurasian clade, which 
> also includes Narcissus and Galanthus.
> Nerine is most closely related to Crinum, Amaryllis,
> and Brunsvigia, e.g. 
> bigenerics like Amarine.
> Now I have seen plants 30 or so years ago, produced
> by Ms. Margot Williams 
> at USDA using embryo rescue, the reperesented such
> wide crossdes aas you 
> suggest.  One was and African Crinum X Hippeastrum. 
> If that cross can be 
> made to work, Nerine X Lycoris could too, I'd bet. 
> But you would probably 
> have to be willing to use embryo rescue.  Go for it!
> The Crinum X Hippeastrum was a weirdly distorted
> plant.  It looked like the 
> genes were not at all happy to be sharing the same
> cell nucleus.
> Regards,
> Jim Shields
> in central Indiana

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