Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 11 Nov 2004 16:54:52 PST
Dear Diana,

I am interested in knowing whether you are getting the high elevation 
species to bloom that you successfully got to germinate using your 
techniques. I am wondering if like Tulips some of us in warmer climates 
than Jane would need to refrigerate them each year. I grow some high 
elevation Triteleias and they do fine in my climate although they don't 
emerge sometimes until February but I wonder about Calochortus.

I tried refrigerating my Daubenya aurea this year after Alan Horstmann told 
me he had success with that (and after it didn't even come up last year) 
and when I checked it, it had good roots and was starting to shoot so I 
potted it up and it is now growing. But there is only so much room in our 
tiny second refrigerator and I've already moved my tulips there.

Also no one gave me an opinion about whether you could start some of the 
ones from dryer climates later to miss the worst of our rainy season and 
have success.

Surely there must be a few others growing Calochortus who can share their 
experiences. Bob Werra grows a lot of them in my county, but in a hotter in 
summer, colder in winter location. I've seen some of his pictures and have 
loved his descriptions (Calochortus venustus tomato for example.) And we 
know some of you in Australia are growing them and I expect many others.

Which ones are you growing Nancy (Gilbert)? And how about some of you who 
grow them only in greenhouses? Which ones respond to those conditions?

Mary Sue

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