Fall Blooming Crocus

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Thu, 11 Nov 2004 16:26:35 PST
Dear All,

We get email to our list all the time from people who are not members and 
are responding to our archives. Arnold and I attempt to answer these as we 
can, usually encouraging people to join the list and ask their question 
directly, but occasionally forwarding the message on if we can figure out 
who they were trying to contact. And of course we just get rid of the spam 
without responding. This fall a woman wrote with a Crocus identification 
question. I encouraged her to join our group knowing we had some really 
knowledgeable people who could help her and gave her the url for Tony 
Goode's site, but I never heard back. She was especially unhappy because 
she said most web sites including our wiki did not mention if the leaves 
came up before, after, or with the leaves and when the plants bloomed. She 
thought that would help her in figuring out what she had. Having spent some 
time looking at Tony's site I know it's a bit more complicated than that, 
but I thought she had a valid point.

I looked at the wiki and indeed she was right. There was not a lot of text 
information about the plants, although a few species were well described. I 
have attempted to add what I could consulting Tony's site and Mathew's The 
Smaller Bulbs since it has quite a lot of detailed information about 
Crocus. Some of you who know more than I do may want to check it for 
accuracy and change it as needed. After I did that the wiki page was really 
long so I pulled out the ones that bloom in the fall.

I recently added two more pictures of Crocus niveus which is a gorgeous 
thing with HUGE (for a Crocus it seems) white flowers. I've really been 
enjoying it thanks to the NARGS seed exchange. I moved it out of the rain 
the last couple of days and am hoping for some sunshine tomorrow.


Mary Sue

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