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> >...I can't get those 2 things here.
> Where is "here"?


Good question, I must remember to be more aware of my audience.  

I live in the greater Houston, TX area.  I can, or course, get pumice, but I 
can't find turface or dry stall.  

The pumice I can get is larger, the size used for landscape mulch.  It is 
just fine for pots of 1-gallon in size or larger--it works just as well as 1/4- 
to 1/2 inch-sized pumice I used to get in Pennsylvania.  

I actually use the pumice mostly only for cacti and succulents--I do love the 
air that it holds  under the surface (cactus roots love that in wet weather). 


Conroe Joe
(from Conroe, TX, overnight temp about 55 F, the coolest night this fall)

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