Lilium mackliniae not self-sterile

Diane Whitehead
Thu, 14 Oct 2004 22:55:04 PDT
Lilies are self-sterile.  I found this out by about 20 years of 
non-success self-pollinating a solitary L. szovitsianum.   Then I 
read Ed McRae's book where he stated this was so. It was a great 
relief to know it was the lily's fault, and not mine.

Early this summer, my single plant of Lilium mackliniae flowered for 
the first time and I sent a picture to the wiki. I observed the 
development of a seedpod through the summer, and recently harvested 
what look like viable seeds. The flowering occurred in May, and there 
were no other lilies in bloom in the entire neighbourhood.

When this lily was first discovered, it was considered to be a 
Nomocharis.  I haven't been successful at growing any Nomocharis 
seeds to maturity, despite sporadic attempts, so I don't know whether 
they are self-fertile.

Does anyone know whether there are any other self-fertile lilies?

Diane Whitehead  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
maritime zone 8
cool mediterranean climate (dry summer, rainy winter - 68 cm annually)
sandy soil

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