BX Successes--TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sun, 03 Oct 2004 08:34:05 PDT
Dear All,

We have now had 76 BX offerings. This idea to share our excess bulbs and 
seeds originated with Jim Waddick and has been implemented in a fabulous 
way by Dell Sherk. So many of you have contributed wonderful things that 
might have been difficult to obtain otherwise and often would have cost 
much more as well. I know how much time it takes to save and clean seed, 
dig up or put aside bulbs when you are repotting and organize all this to 
send to Dell. What is missing for me is that almost never do I ever get a 
report back about things I have donated. This summer when Zephyranthes 
bulbs that Jay Yourch donated immediately bloomed a number of you responded 
enthusiastically and I am sure that cheered Jay. This inspired me to design 
a topic where we could report on bulb and seeds that we have been 
successful with as a way of thanking the BX donors and encouraging them to 
donate again.

To start us off I think it would be helpful to have a progress report on 
that Brunsvigia grandiflora seed that was offered to the whole list by 
Rhoda and Cameron McMaster in September of last year. Mine went briefly 
dormant this summer and are emerging from dormancy.

I'll report on some of my other successes in other emails.

Mary Sue

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