New photos on wiki

Angelo Porcelli
Sat, 02 Oct 2004 11:56:15 PDT
Dear friends,

I have added two Crinum variabile photos in the Crinum folder…

Also, repotting recently some Boophone disticha seedlings 3yrs old, I was
amazed from the strong root system they have already developed in spite of
the small size of the bulbs, barely 1 inch across. They were grown in square
tall pots 4"x4"x8" with a mix of coarse sand and perlite, just few months
after germination. BTW, thse plants are winter-summer growing, in the sense
that this year, due to an unexpected rain in July, they have pushed an new
fan of leaves after having gone dormant in June. I don't water them in
summer and now they are in larger pot, buried in the ground.…


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