Another note on pots

Laura & Dave
Fri, 29 Oct 2004 19:26:25 PDT
      I've made a simple change to my containers that has made a 
considerable difference on heating and drying of the soil ... I use 
WHITE pots instead of the ubiquitous black or dark green.  The change in 
temperature is quite noticeable, especially in the smaller 4" seed pots 
I use.
      As I've mentioned before, I over winter most things in sawdust 
filled plunge beds, but my ability to build beds outpaces my ability to 
plant seeds, so there are always those waiting in the sun for their more 
permanent sites (currently there are about 180 ... yikes).  Of course, 
now, pending cold is more the driving force than bright sun!

Peace and good gardening
Dave Brastow  --  Tumwater, Wsshington
                   zone 7A (dry summers (sometimes), otherwise wet)

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