Cypella hauthalii opalina

Susan Hayek
Fri, 29 Oct 2004 16:28:20 PDT
>On 29 Oct 04 at 9:49, Rogan Roth wrote:
>>  More often than not I have found that plants grown in pots tend
>>  to appreciate slightly shaded conditions rather than full,
>>  blazing sunshine which tends to heat the potting medium up too
>>  much resulting in stunted roots.
>A plunge bed is the answer to this problem. Highly recommended,
>as it also alleviates watering difficulties, esp. if you use
>terra cotta pots.
>BTW, I suspect that overheating the soil causes much of the
>difficulty gardeners experience with pot culture of all kinds of
>plants, not just bulbs. Even if you can't manage a plunge bed,
>at least put your potted bulbs in a high wooden surround to keep
>direct sun off the pots.

**or put a layer of bubble wrap inside the pot before you fill it 
with potting soil. Not at the bottom, just the sides. Seems to really 
help insulate. I do that with all my big terra cotta pots now. Helps 
to conserve water in the summer, too.

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