BX Successes--TOW

Christine Council scamp@earthlink.net
Sun, 03 Oct 2004 22:18:40 PDT
Hello All:
I just wanted to let you know I am in agreement about getting the seeds to 
sprout, it is always a joy when I see a sprout.  I have very bad luck with
of my bulbs, the rain, the squirrels, the birds the phantom;  it has become
war of wills.
Take care and happy sprouting,

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> **For us newbies, just getting the seeds to sprout is a major
> I have found that all the Dieramas are a snap (my garden will be 
> filled with them).
> My Dietes butcheriana and D. grandiflora are sprouted and in pots, 
> same with Cypella herbertii, Habranthus estensis, and my Lapeirousia 
> mixed.
> All the bulbs I have ordered are making growth.
> Someday, I too, will be able to tell you how all these plants are 
> growing and blooming in my garden.
> The major accomplishment for me is the confidence now to collect and 
> try starting seed.
> Luckily I began with Dierama and had success, even from mine in my yard.
> >Dear All,
> >
> >We have now had 76 BX offerings. This idea to share our excess bulbs 
> >and seeds originated with Jim Waddick and has been implemented in a 
> >fabulous way by Dell Sherk. So many of you have contributed 
> >wonderful things that might have been difficult to obtain otherwise 
> >and often would have cost much more as well. I know how much time it 
> >takes to save and clean seed, dig up or put aside bulbs when you are 
> >repotting and organize all this to send to Dell. What is missing for 
> >me is that almost never do I ever get a report back about things I 
> >have donated. This summer when Zephyranthes bulbs that Jay Yourch 
> >donated immediately bloomed a number of you responded 
> >enthusiastically and I am sure that cheered Jay. This inspired me to 
> >design a topic where we could report on bulb and seeds that we have 
> >been successful with as a way of thanking the BX donors and 
> >encouraging them to donate again.
> >
> >To start us off I think it would be helpful to have a progress 
> >report on that Brunsvigia grandiflora seed that was offered to the 
> >whole list by Rhoda and Cameron McMaster in September of last year. 
> >Mine went briefly dormant this summer and are emerging from dormancy.
> >
> >I'll report on some of my other successes in other emails.
> -- 
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