BX Successes--TOW

Robert Hamilton roberth6@mac.com
Mon, 04 Oct 2004 04:25:22 PDT
Hi  all,

I  reviewed  my  seed sowing records which , excluding those  of the 
last  2 months, showed that  I have  had  34  seed lots  from 9  Sx 
distributions. Of these  30  have  germinated and are  growing  well 
and two  more  are  still  a  chance  to  germinate.

This  high success rate  I'm  sure  is a  function the  wonderful  
service  Dell  provides in distributing seeds  as  fresh  as is  

To  Dell and all the  donors , and  of  course the  PBS,  thanks  over 
and  over  again.


Rob  in Tasmania

  where  the   Daffodils  are  still hanging on , Erythronium , 
Fritillaria  and   Tulips  are in  full  bloom  and several  Trillium  
are flowering .

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