BX Successes--TOW--Albuca, Bulbine

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 04 Oct 2004 11:50:09 PDT
Dear All,

 From BX 4 I got seeds from Tom Glavich of two things I had no knowledge of 
and weren't even in any of my books. It must have been Tom's interesting 
description of them.

Tom's description:
Albuca circinata is seed from plants originally from Silverhill (2000 
catalog).  These are wonderful albucas,  The leaves are about 8 inches 
long, straight and narrow, and then make a single 1/2 loop at the 
end.  Typical albuca flowers, white and green.  I grow it for the leaves.

Not realizing this was a summer rainfall species that should be started in 
spring I sowed seed in October 2002. This year they bloomed (March) so less 
than two years from seed. I didn't water them enough this summer and they 
went dormant even though Tom had said they were evergreen. I repotted them 
recently and now spirally leaves are appearing. The leaves don't stay that 
way during periods of good rainfall unfortunately. I'd describe mine as 
more yellowish than white. I seem to have converted this one to a 
Mediterranean cycle. Does anyone know anything about where it comes from 
(location, habitat information.)?

Tom's description:
Bulbine alooides is a fat leaved Bulbine, grown from seed distributed by the
Haworthia Society several years ago.  I have the details if anyone needs
them.  Easy to grow, winter (spring) grower, dies back quite a bit about this
time of year.  Great yellow Bulbine flowers, stays small, about 4 inch leaves
with 12 inch flower stalks.

I sowed seed in October 2002 and I think it might have bloomed the first 
year, but I didn't make a note of it and I am sure it bloomed this spring 
so at the very least it was less than two years from seed:

Thanks Tom.

Mary Sue

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