Br. grandiflora

Wed, 06 Oct 2004 08:39:00 PDT
Jamie Vande    Cologne    Germany    Zone 8

I am happy to report that my Brunsvigia grandiflora seedlings are doing fine.  They did slow down during the Summer, but have started producing new leaves.  I tried them in three pots, one in full sun on the hot balcony, the other two on the terrace in partial shade and considerably moister.  The latter have larger leaves, around 8" long, while the balcony kids reached only about 4".  Both are blue (glaucous), with the sun apparently enhancing the dustiness of the blue.

I just repotted them all and noticed that the bulbs are rather deep in the compost, 2-3" under the surface and that they are quite elongate, in comparison to my other Brunsvigia seedlings.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Or is this an artifact of my potting medium?

Other seedlings coming along are some Homeria, Watsonia and Cytanthus.  All doing their thing quite nicely, although they are not as large as I expected at this time.  I am assuming (not good) that the intense wet this Summer may have washed any fertilizers right through the compost!  It was very cold this year, as well.

Ciao für now,

Jamie V. 

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