BX Successes--TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 06 Oct 2004 08:24:44 PDT
Dear All,

In looking over my records of my BX acquisitions I have been surprised to 
see that I have been much more judicious in ordering than I thought I had 
so don't have so many things to report on. I have a lot of seedlings coming 
on, but not yet to blooming size although a new growing year is starting so 
this year could be the year. I have some prized plants from IBS BX 
offerings (Oxalis from Mike Mace, Lachenalia from Mark Mazer, Narcissus, 
Leucocoryne, Nothoscordum, Cyrtanthus from Bill Dijk so expect that it is 
just a matter of time with my PBS BX bulbs from seed or small offsets 
getting big enough to bloom.) Last year I had blooms from Babiana secunda 
(?), Crocus pulchellus, and Fritillaria bithynica donated by Jane McGary 
and all the Lachenalia bulbs (including the L. reflexa that made its way 
into the Blandfordia pot) that I got from the very generous offerings of 
Mark Mazer bloomed.

I especially appreciate the offerings of short lived and unusual seed and 
am pleased to report that my Haemanthus coccineus seedlings from Paul 
Tyerman are coming back after a short dormancy and the Scadoxus seeds from 
Doug Westfall eventually made leaves and are looking good. I'm keeping them 
protected from the birds since seedlings I've had of these have been lost 
to predators in the past.

Thanks to all the BX donors. I hope some of the rest of you will tell us 
about some of your successes.

Mary Sue

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