Cyrtanthus falcatus

Floral Architecture
Wed, 20 Oct 2004 10:06:44 PDT
While I have quite few of these (3-4 dozen actually),
I have had only one flower. That was from a seedling
(matured obviously) from Russel at Odyssey. That was
maybe 2 or 3 years ago. 
My bulbs are, granted, very cramped. I have maybe a
doz bulbs plus pups in a 2 gallon pot. 
I have them planted in clay (also cramped), 12"
plastic (compots), and 6" plastic. This spring I
divided up one compot and planted them individually in
2 qt. square pots. They were rather stinted while they
were in the full sun (at the beach as an experiment)
but quickly filled out once they were put back into
the shade. 
Mine just started to lose a few leaves last week. I
will probably tip the pots over in a couple of weeks.
They never stay dormant for more than a month or so.
They will probably start resprouting in late Dec or
early January. Being tilted, they don't get any water
during the rains so I really don't know what prompts
them into such a short dormancy. Sometimes, the old
leaves haven't completely dried off before they
Anyone have thoughts? 
I don't fertilize anything. I know I should but I
don't. I want to grow my plants hard so that when I
put them in the ground for a client, they will not go
into too much shock. 
I planted 3 bulbs in the ground at my landlady's
garden this spring. They get about 3/4 a day of full
sun with late afternoon shade. We will see next spring
what they will do. 

John Ingram in L.A., CA. check it out
310.709.1613 (cell, west coast time, please call accordingly. Thank you)

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