Wiki Additions--Cyrtanthus, Dudleya

Jane McGary
Wed, 20 Oct 2004 10:50:30 PDT
Dudleya as a geophyte seems like a bit of a stretch to me! However, for 
those who are interested in these coastal Californian (and I think Mexican) 
succulents, there is an article about D. nesiotica in the new issue of the 
Rock Garden Quarterly, along with numerous articles on aroids, including "A 
Review of the Genus Biarum" by Peter Boyce. I was thrilled to publish the 
last, since I grow a number of these fascinating miniature aroids and have 
found them able to cope with at least a typical Oregon winter in the rock 
garden as well as the bulb frame.

Jack Muzatko, author of the Dudleya article mentioned above, tells me that 
several species can grow in close proximity in certain locations on the 
California coast, resulting in some natural hybrids. I may publish a photo 
of such a cluster on Bodega Bay, received in our recent NARGS photo 
contest. It's a slide so I can't post it, though. I haven't ever grown 
Dudleyas here because of the very wet winters, but I planted a couple of 
the larger species in my brother's garden near Monterey, California, where 
they seem to be flourishing.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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