Wiki Additions--Cyclamen, Lewsia

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 21 Oct 2004 16:28:08 PDT
Dear All,

A lot of my Cyclamen have been in bloom lately and I've added a number of 
pictures to the wiki.
There are pictures of Cyclamen africanum, graecum, mirabile, purpurascens, 
even a coum that for some reason or other has chosen to bloom now. I am 
sure I don't keep mine well enough hydrated during the summer, but have 
found when I plant them out where you'd think they get a little more 
moisture from the soil they have not thrived. Once again I'd like to stress 
that when you go five or six months without rain the soil can be really 
dry! My tree roots extract a lot of what I apply. I love these plants and 
would never be growing them if Bill Dijk had gotten me started. I wish I 
could have clumps of them everywhere in my garden, sigh, but they are nice 
in containers too. Hans also sent me a picture of C. colchicum so I have 
added it too.…

I also started a page for Lewisia. I hope Jane is going to add some 
pictures of some of the geophytic ones she grows.…

And Jane, I don't think we could consider all Dudleyas geophytes. The ones 
that grace our coastal rocks do not have a dormancy even if they are easy 
to propagate like a lot of succulents. I just meant to illustrate that I 
learned some really are geophytes which surprised me.

Mary Sue
Where we have had almost 4 inches of rain since Saturday so the storm track 
is open and the dust gone and today when the sun was shining I was treated 
to dazzling Oxalis in many different colors.

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