New Member Introduction

Gilbert Nancy L Contr 9 CES/CEC
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 11:04:50 PDT
Dear Fellow Pacific Bulb Society Members,
It has taken me several years to get it together to join your group and I am
really looking forward to mutual sharing of knowledge and ideas with all of
I am privledged to share 13 acres of farily wild Sierra Nevada foothill land
with my husband, occassional visiting daughter and countless wild species of
flora and fauna. We are situated in mostly Sunset Zone 7 and the property is
quite complex with many micro climates due to the fact that it is contains
both south and north sloping aspects with a seasonal drainage between. Our
summers can become quite hot, with some days over 100 degrees F.,and we
receive almost no precipitation from May through September,  whereas the
winter months usually deliver up to 45 inches of rainfall and snow once in
awhile. Our land and climate is full of both opportunities and challenges.
My husband, Ames, and I have been growing California native plants and
bulbs, both as a hobby and commercially, for over fifteen years.  In
general, I am primarily interested in Westerm United States bulbs, but I
also enjoy exotic species that are easily adaptable to our climate. Being a
permaculturists (I will not try to explain this here), I am very interested
in edible and sustainable landscaping and traditional uses of our native
bulbs by indigenous peoples. 
I am looking forward to communicating with you all, time permitting, and
also am interested in seed exchanges. We collect from our mother plants and
from the wild; we occasionally have extra seed which I hope to share.
Greetings from California.

Nancy Gilbert
Far West Bulb Farm
Grass Valley, California
Sunset Zone 7

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