Lycoris aurea
Sun, 10 Oct 2004 14:43:09 PDT

I'm not sure what I did, but I killed 2 bulbs 2 winters ago--it was not very 
cold but they didn't return in the spring.

Do they need protection from hard frosts if they are in pots?  Do they need 
pH-adjusted soil because the come from limestone soils originally?

I'm asking because a friend gave me another bulb yesterday, hers were in full 
flower in gallon and 2-gallon cans.  They sit under the eaves of her home, in 
half-day sun on the west side.  So, they don't get too much rain year round, 
but they will get some as it blows in and as it splashes in.  Also, they will 
get baking hot sun all summer. 

If that is the formula I'm happy to give them baking hot sun and limited 
water--I have an excess of hot sun in summer.


Conroe Joe
not too hot now, nights near 60, lots of humidity but not rain the past 2 

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