chuck schwartz
Sun, 10 Oct 2004 14:19:50 PDT
Try some of the Pelargoniums of section Polyactia. Pel. radulifolia 
especially rivals Brunfelsia with intensity of fragrance, and , for me, 
blooms 10 months a year
chuck Schwartz
So. California
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> Hi Mary Sue:
> Thanks for the warm welcome and the links to the
> threads about fragrant bulbs.  I am still discovering
> all the features on this list, and I'm sure I'll be
> passing many hours in the near future reading through
> all the archives.  I feel like I've struck it rich!
> I was only able to find one piece of information
> regarding my specific question (which Hymenocallis
> species are most fragrant) in the links you gave me,
> and 'Sulfur Queen' is already on my "to buy" list when
> the catalogues publish their spring bulb list, so I
> hope other people will chime in with a few other
> alternatives.
> I am mainly an indoor grower but am lucky enough to be
> blessed with a a large sunroom and large, unobstructed
> windows facing all exposures.  I obtained two
> Hymenocallis 'Tropical Giant' starts in late April,
> potted them up in a 10" pot, stuck them in a southern
> window and lo and behold they both flowered at the end
> of July.   They have both since produced several
> offsets and are now in a 14" pot.  Not bad, eh?
> Needless to say I was instantly hooked and have been
> determined to look for other Hymenocallis species ever
> since.
> My main interest is in fragrant plants, especially
> those that are fragrant at night.  Some of my favorite
> and most successful houseplants have been Brunfelsia
> americana, Brassavola nodosa, Epiphyllum anguliger,
> Epiphyllum oxypetalum, several Neomarica species,
> Sansevieria parva and a jolly green giant of a
> Monstera deliciosa that I am determined to flower and
> fruit indoors.  The genus Brunfelsia has also captured
> my interest lately and I have obtained several other
> species to complement my B. americana.  Any of these
> plants can nearly stink me out of the house (in a good
> way) on a warm, humid summer night (except the E.
> anguliger which blooms in the fall and the Neomaricas
> which are day-bloomers), and the Hymenocallis
> 'Tropical Giant' can certainly be added to that list,
> too.  The only other bulbs I currently grow indoors
> are Crinum oliganthum, Eucharis 'Christine' and, most
> recently, Hymenocallis tubiflora and an unidentified
> Hymenocallis species from Guatemala.
> I can't wait to try more! :-)
> Take care,
> Corey in Chicago
> --- Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:
>> Hi Corey,
>> Welcome to our list. I hope you'll tell us a little
>> about yourself and what
>> you grow.
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