Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 25 Oct 2004 18:56:23 PDT
Dear All,

Thanks to all of you who have shared your experiences about Ammocharis 
coranica and to Cameron for such a complete picture of how it grows in the 
wild. I got seed of this a number of years ago from Silverhill Seeds and 
like everyone else found that it germinated well and grew on. For the last 
three years it has been in one of my raised beds being treated to 
Mediterranean growing conditions, wet in winter and dry in summer. I have 
it in a 10 inch pot and haven't repotted it. It hasn't bloomed yet and I 
have observed leaves at various times of the year, but have been puzzled 
about what it actually needs. It is in leaf at the moment.

Now I am wondering if it will ever bloom under this reverse cycle. Tom says 
he fertilizes his in spring and summer so I am assuming that means he 
waters in summer. Is there any attempt to keep it dry in winter? Mine 
obviously survives with winter rainfall. Does it need a period of drought 
to bloom? Anyone think it might need summer heat as well? Are there any 
other is a Mediterranean climate growing this and if so how do you treat 
it? Cameron, how will you treat yours now that you are no longer living in 
the Eastern Cape? Tony Avent must be growing this if he gave some recently 
to the BX. Tony, do you grow yours outside and how has it fared in your 

Does anyone grow any other species?

I made a wiki Ammocharis page for Cameron and have added two of the images 
that he mentioned. Hopefully he will reload the picture of them flowering 
after a fire since it didn't seem to make it to the wiki.…

Mary Sue

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