Ammocharis- TOW

Alberto Castillo
Thu, 28 Oct 2004 07:36:38 PDT
Dear Mary Sue:
                         I have grown Ammocharis coranica for many years 
from bulbs collected in the wild. The foliage is very attractive and makes a 
rosette in which the leaves are like spokes in a wheel with the tips neatly 
cut off. It is a winter dormant plant and have proved very easy. At the 
beginning I had the problem of the foliage produced in flushes and drying 
off in between until I learnt that it grows in what could be described as 
seasonal pools or moist ground. So we gave it a more organic soil and lots 
of water and then the plants seemed to resurrect and grow on non stop for 
the long warm growing season. At first they were in one gallon pots but 
there were no flowers. After being moved to 5 gallon containers flowering is 
regular and they prove undemanding other than the occasional iron 
fertilizing and abundant watering. These are big plants and need lots of 
space. The top of the bulbs is out of the ground like in so many of their 
kin. The flowers are a beautiful shade of salmony pink.
Best regards

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