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Alberto Castillo
Thu, 28 Oct 2004 07:26:11 PDT
Dear all:
              It is exciting to see that fantastic image of Cypella hauthali 
ssp opalina by Rogan Roth. It does justice to this glorious species. 
Nevertheless, I would like to comment on this species in semishade. In all 
my years in the field I have seen tenths of thousands of these plants and 
never a single one in semishade (not to mention downright shade). Admittedly 
it may tolerate semishade under Rogan’s conditions but for the rest of us an 
exposure other than full sun the day round would put the plants to risk. In 
the wild they grow in open short pastures in acid very well drained red 
soils. To give a better idea, cassava, sugarcane, bananas, and  tea are 
common crops in the area. Soils are pretty poor and high in iron and 
aluminium, hence their hunger for iron must be taken into account except in 
poor acid soils like in New Zealand, South Africa or Australia. It is an 
autumn, winter and spring grower and summer dormant under ferociously hot 

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