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Alberto Castillo ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com
Sun, 10 Oct 2004 16:34:31 PDT
Hi all:

Perhaps the greatest success of the BX is to count with the continuing 
effort of Dell to distribute such an enormous quantity of material along the 
year. It never stops and in it you can find from the more common material 
useful for the newcomer to start with the easier species  to incredible 
nowhere else to be offered. And all for the same nominal price.
I have received many species both as seed and as bulbs and I can assure you 
it is about the best available. It is almost normal to obtain a full 100% 
germination and "bulb lawns" are practically the rule. This can only be 
obtained from fresh seed and some sources particularly in California seem to 
never stop. As for the quality of bulbs and corms it is equally superb and 
only in two occasions I have problems although this of course has nothing to 
do with the BX or PBS.
Listing all species I have received would take too long but I would 
encourage those that still aren't to become members of PBS both to have 
access to the BX and also to support this immensely successful effort of 
Mary Sue, Cathy, Arnold, among others.  Many thanks.

All the best for now

in Buenos Aires, where the long drought has produced the best performance 
ever from Cape bulbs.

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