Hardy Moraea

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sun, 10 Oct 2004 17:05:58 PDT
Dear all, but esp John G, Ellen and Paul;
	Thanks for the responses. I know it is fool hardy to even try 
Moraea (Please note I corrected the spelling) polystachya outdoors 
here. Surprised it does return even if it hasn't had a single decent 
bloom. I used to grow it in a cool greenhouse and it is a very pretty 
	I find M. huttonii less attractive to my tastes, so have less 
interest in hardiness, but M alticola is a handsome looking species 
indeed and possibly even hardier. Anyone have bulbs or seed to share 
with the BX ?
	Of course these are all feeble attempts to grow in a climate 
ultimately not suited, but stranger things seem to happen and 
hardiness turns up where least expected. I guess I am willing to risk 
killing a choice plant now and then out of curiosity.
	Incidentally Crocus speciosum and some white flowered Crocus 
(have to check the label) are in bloom along with a last Cyc. 
hederifolium. Grape hyacinths are showing foliage already and a 
couple light frost all indicate fall is turning. Lots to get ready 
for winter, plants to protect, cold frame and finally plant out in 
the garden. A busy season for northern gardeners getting ready for 
the big chill-6 months of drear.

	best	Jim W.

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