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ken@wildlanders.com ken@wildlanders.com
Wed, 01 Sep 2004 18:54:57 PDT
Thanks Jane.

Sorry about the Tarzan thang. No offense was intended. I just needed to let lose 
with all the pressures here. You probably get a lot of that and so I do apologize.

Besides native plants, I am a rock hound at heart too. So beside the seives, there 
are other things I am sure I will find there.

Thanks again.

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> The company that I get my "miner's" garden tools from is in Portland, 
> Oregon, but they also have Internet sales:
> http://www.dk-nugget.com/
> They have the excellent one-piece plus rubber handle stainless steel 
> trowels in a number of sizes,  metal sieves that are very sturdy, and 
> larger-mesh indestructible PVC sieves that I use for soil that I mix in my 
> bulb potting compost. Also, a large range of topographic maps of the US 
> West, and books on various subjects, and geologist's hammers and so on.
> Jane McGary

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