Shock and Awe - Crinum

James Waddick
Wed, 01 Sep 2004 18:04:40 PDT
Dear friends.
	After about 2 months, actually more, my half dozen or so 
Crinum have collectively put out their last bloom of the season. 2 
'Ellen Bousanquet' and a single 'Catherine', all three from late 

	On the same day and while juggling a few pots, I was shocked 
to see a single pink and white flower atop a bare stem. After years 
and years of growing various, numerous cvs, here was a fully open 
flower of Amaryllis belladonna. The label identified this as one of 
the BX offering from the late Les Hannibal. A single bulb in a gallon 
	This is an odd growing season -much cooler and wetter then 
usual with no temps to 100 and a couple of mornings in the low 50s; 
even rainfall most of the summer (I have weeds to prove it). The 
second day another bud is almost open and there are at least a couple 
more on the head. No others show any sign of blooming.

	It is a very fine flower with pink veins and white background 
somewhat like the wiki picture of Hannibal selections labelled MLH 14 
and MLH 23 
. Very nice I must admit. Now what do I do. I have been giving away 
pots of non-blooming Amaryllis and now this pops up. Will it ever 
bloom again or just the odd summer?

	As I said Shock and Awe.		Jim W.
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