Bounced Messages

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 18 Sep 2004 08:12:53 PDT
Dear All,

In this world of increasing spam more and more internet providers are 
devising ways to block messages they perceive as spam. If you find that you 
are not getting messages from the list anymore you can check in the 
archives to see if it is just slow and no one is posting:

If there are posts and you aren't getting them, they may be blocked on your 
end. When messages are bouncing sometimes Arnold, Jen, and I get a notice 
of that and sometimes the individual who wrote the message to the PBS list 
gets a notice. If the message is sitting in your spam filter we may not 
know that the message is not going through however. Sometimes after a 
number of bounces we administrators get a note that your email account has 
been disabled. Usually when that happens it is because a mail box is full, 
so we can't contact that person either. Ibiblio sends a message out 
periodically to a disabled account to try to get through, but after a 
number of those messages bounce, that email address is unsubscribed.

I will occasionally be changing people's mail delivery to digest or 
individual messages when there seems to be a problem to see if this will 
help and will try to write anyone I have changed  if I think my message to 
them can be delivered. The bounce message that Jaime referred to today was 
not a notice that his message had bounced to the list, but a message that 
his message had bounced to a person. I have written that person and 
switched that account to the digest so hopefully we can sort it out.

If you are having problems write me or Arnold, , and we 
will do our best to try to sort it out.

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator

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