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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sat, 18 Sep 2004 07:52:56 PDT

Just a couple of comments on these two:
12. Lilium maritimum
13. Dierama pendulum

Lilium maritimum is a rare lily found in the North Coast Ranges of 
California (coastal prairies, scrub, gaps in the forest.) It is reported to 
be a bit difficult to grow, but since it is native to where I live I have 
not had that problem. It is often seen growing in the verges where it would 
get extra runoff water from the road and grows in areas with a lot of 
winter rainfall and moderate summers. I have had good luck starting seeds 
in fall.

Dierama pendulum (at least I think this is what this is) had naturalized in 
my garden. If you live in a Mediterranean climate I think this is the best 
one to grow as it does just fine for me with little summer water. Since it 
comes up all over my garden without my planting it, I'd think  it could be 
direct seeded and then you wouldn't have to worry about transplanting.

Thanks to Dell for his BX offerings and efficient service. I just mailed 
him a box a few days ago and he is already offering something from it.

Mary Sue 

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